High Quality Drilling and Completion Fluids

For more than 20 years, Precision Additives has responded quickly to boost operational efficiency for oilfield services companies working in the shale fields across North America and Mexico. Our primary products include a complete line of drilling, stimulation, and completion fluids. Our track record for safety, quality, and on-time delivery is impeccable.

We optimize production processes and costs with innovative, on-site fluid management services backed by our extensive experience in supply chain management, international logistics, and a leadership team with more than 120 years combined experience in the industry. We consistently deliver high-quality drilling, stimulation, and completion fluids, using state-of-the-art, computer-controlled mobile storage and blending equipment. We toll blend, blend private-label formulas, and manufacture proprietary drilling and completion fluids.

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Fluids Management

Precision Additives combines its flexible delivery fleet, proprietary frac storage tanks and field service support for maintenance and inventory control at the hydraulic fracturing site to provide comprehensive fluids management.


Pecision Additives Quality Control Lab

Our engineers, chemists, and lab technicians create proprietary, specialty drilling and completion fluids, then provide on-site QC and QA on raw materials and final products; earning Precision Additives the highest QC classification from multiple Tier 1 oilfield service companies.


Precision Additives 100 percent On Spec track record

Precision Additives has a 100% on-spec, on-time track record, supported by a world-class logistics and supply chain team. We continue to increase production capacity and recruit and train best-in-class employees to support oil and gas drilling and completion industry demand.